Welcome to Linnéplatsens hotel and hostel

Today we have self check-in. Here are instructions:
1. You opened the front door with the code you just received in the text message. Please note that after check-in you use your room key also for the front door as we regularly change code.

2. Key with room number is placed in a key box one floor up in the stairway. You open the key box with the other code you just received in the text message. In your box you also have an extra key as backup, this key shall remain in the box. You only use your backup key if you are locked out from your room when staff are not around. Therefore, please learn the code for your box. The code will be the same during your stay. If you use this key please put it back in the box so you always have it there.

Check-in is possible from 3 pm.
The reception is open 8-11 am all days. Breakfast is served 8-10 am.

We are located at the top of Linnégatan, just by the tram station Linnéplatsen.
Address: Linnéplatsen 8, 41310 Göteborg

If urgent matters outside the receptions opening hours you can reach us at an emergency number which you find at the reception desk. The emergency number is only for urgent matters. For other questions we have put together information at the reception desk, at the wall opposite the reception, in your room and in e-mails regarding check-in and for the stay at the hotel. Of course we can help you during receptions opening hours or by e-mail info@boilinne.se

Hope you enjoy your stay. Welcome!